License Agreement (updated on 2014-05-11)

Please read this agreement carefully before buying royalty free music on this site. By buying music on you are consenting to be bound by this agreement.

Music purchases made on our website are not managed by any rights-management organisations such as BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, PRS, etc. The license and invoice that come with each purchase act as such documentary proof as may be required. The license has worldwide validity.

1. Standard license - $34.00 USD* - Unlimited time offers you non-exclusive, non-transferable, lifetime rights to use music purchased on for all types of multimedia projects including Websites, podcasts, videos, video games, films, documentaries, animations, presentations, computer software, slide-shows, promotional cd/dvd-roms provided that no more than 500 copies of the final project are made and/or sold.
You may also use music tracks for music on hold and as background music in bars, hotels, restaurants, shops, gyms, exhibitions, trade fairs and conferences.

However, this license does not permit the use of music for projects where music will be broadcast on television or radio, or used in films which are broadcast in public (with the exception of free screenings and amateur film festivals) or broadcast during public entertainment events for which an entrance fee is paid (shows, concerts, plays, etc.). A "broadcasting" license is required for this kind of use.

2. "Broadcasting" license TV, radio, public entertainment events - $88.00 USD * - Unlimited time

In addition to the uses authorised by the standard license, this license allows for music to be used in projects where the music is broadcast on television or radio (exept advertising), in public, used in films destined for public screening or broadcast during public entertainment events for which an entrance fee is paid such as shows, concerts, plays, etc.

3. Reproduction license: Unlimited reproduction & Broadcasting - $129.00 USD * - Unlimited time

In addition to the uses authorised by the standard license and the Broadcasting license, this license permits the unlimited reproduction and/or sale of a given music track featuring in products, items, or media.

4. Advertising

In addition to the uses authorised by the Broadcasting license, the Advertising licenses allow you to use the music for advertising campaign:
Web Advertising: Advertising campaign on the internet broadcast by a third party advertising company (for promotional videos posted directly by yourself on Youtube the standard license is sufficient). Time frame: unlimited.
Local TV / Radio Advertising - For 1 Year: Advertising broadcast on local or regional TV / Radio and on the internet.
National TV / Radio Advertising - For 1 Year : Advertising broadcast on national TV / Radio and on the internet.

Restrictions on use

- It is forbidden to use music without having purchased a relevant license.
- A license is applicable to one person or company only. If you are in the business of selling projects such as corporate videos, websites or messages on hold to several clients you must buy a license for each of them or contact us to negotiate a multiple client license.
- In the event of resale, the music must be synchronized with another media. It is therefore forbidden to resell and/or appropriate music tracks in isolation even if one or multiple sounds or vocals are added.

* Prices are displayed without taxes. Taxes will be charged for customer from France and for customers from European Union member countries without a valid V.A.T number.