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Royalty free corporate motivational music track featuring piano, guitar, drums and orchestral strings. Great for a business motivational video. - Keywords: corporare, motivation, bright, busine(...)

Once In A Life

Nice orchestral royalty free music with a gentle piano introduction and then a stronger part with electric guitars and drums - Keywords: piano, cinematic, film, hope, hopeful, beautiful, d(...)

Hands Off

Positive royalty free music with a drums and claps intro - Keywords: bright, business, clapping, claps, success, corporate, delight, positive, fun, game, good mood, guitar, happy, hope, joy, jo(...)

Little Things

Fun happy royalty free music featuring claps and acoustic guitar - Keywords: fun, guitar, ukulele, clap, happy, positive, commercial, advertising, kids, bouncy, joy, happiness, child, childrens(...)

Be a Dreamer

Royalty free indie rock music track with electric guitars. Will be great for successful/corporate videos - Keywords: Rock, guitar, piano, powerful, power, strength, emotion, slide show, inspira(...)

Hello World

Nice royalty free Ukulele music track - Keywords: fun, guitar, ukulele, happy, positive, advertising, kids, bouncy, joy, acoustic, commercial, happiness, light, video(...)


Lounge royalty free music with a mellow mood - Keywords: lounge, soft, mellow, chill, gentle, positive, neutral, video, photos, relaxing, easy listening, background music, corporate(...)

Beautiful Memories

Sweet and peaceful royalty free piano composition. The song start with piano only and then drums and strings come in and create a very emotional mood - Keywords: piano, emotional, sentimen(...)

Just Have Fun

Royalty free positive rock music. This energetic track would be perfect for an action scene or a corporate video - Keywords: rock, guitars, positive, happy, joy, energetic, energy, fast, speed,(...)