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Stay On Track

Electronica royalty free music: This track inspired by "French House" music will add the cutting edge sound you need for your modern productions - Keywords: electronica, french house, house, fr(...)

One Step

Dubstep royalty free music. This powerful and modern track will add an energetic and epic mood to your project - Keywords: dubstep, electronica, industrial, hard, modern, action, agressive, bas(...)

Tap Your Hands

Royalty-free Electronica music track - Keywords: dance, dancefloor, electro, pop, techno, song, singer, positive, dancing, dynamic, joyful, motivational, singing, optimistic(...)

City Lights

City Lights is an old school dance royalty free music - Keywords: dance, robot, hi-tech, technology, science, sci-fi, house, french,electronica, sounds, noises(...)


French House royalty free music. This track will be useful for projects about Fashion and beauty - Keywords: stylish, fashion, show, house, dance, french, provocative, lounge, catwalk, glamour,(...)

Move Your Head

This Modern Electronica track feature synths mixed with electric guitar - Keywords: dance, danse, techno, electronica, energy, energetic, fast, move, lively(...)

Murray's life

Royalty Free House/Lounge music track with female vocals - Keywords: house, dance, electronica, danse, lounge, vocals, song(...)

Fast with Vocals

Drum 'n' Bass Royalty Free Music track with vocals. This energetic track will add dynamism to your videos - Keywords: fast, speed, vocal, drum, bass, drum n bass, energetic, danse, house, (...)

Ultimate Drum n Bass

Drum and Bass Royalty Free Music Track with a little "Dubstep" touch. - Keywords: fast, action, sport, extreme, speed, dubstep, electro, electronica, synths, aggresive(...)