Motivation ( 3:33 )
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Royalty free corporate motivational music track featuring piano, guitar, drums and orchestral strings. Great for a business motivational video.

Tags: corporare, motivation, bright, business, confidence, energy, feel good, guitar, hope, modern, optimism, optimistic, piano, pop, positive, power, powerful, rock, strong, success, trust, uplifting, orchestra, orchestral, strings, presentation, ad, advertising, commercial, motivational

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Website, web video (Youtube, Vimeo,...), corporate movie, presentation, music on hold, background music.

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Standard license + Tv, Radio, Paid show, Film screening.

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Standard license + Broadcasting License + Duplication / Paid download / Sale, with no copie number limitation: Mobile application, Software, Video game, Cd, Dvd,...

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Web Advertising campaign broadcast by a third party advertising company (for promotional videos posted on your Website or Youtube the standard license is sufficient). Time frame: unlimited.

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Local TV / Radio Advertising for 1 year.

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National TV / Radio Advertising for 1 year.

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